produly announcing the release of proud and brave on Oct. 15th, 2021

Why we?

Two friends, two music lovers, two creators of music and emotions. That's what a high energy duo needs. Nothing more.

The journey began somewhen in 1997. Two crazy guys, Matteo Villa (vocals, guitar) and Rolf W. Becker (drums, never vocals) accidentally met in a Live Musik Club in Bonn. During several jam sessions Matteo & Rolf created their own style.

It was a matching pair. The Replacement Killers were ready to rock the stages.

At the beginning they played their own interpretations of Rock & Blues tunes.

In 2012 Matteo & Rolf got in touch with real countryrock during a trip to Nashville (Tennessee) .

Full with this influence started Matteo & Rolf writing own original songs, leading to their debute album "Spirit of 906", which has been recorded 2012 in Nashville.

Several albums followed:

- #MaximumCountryPunk

- Single Stereo Sound Machine

- Shy 'n Humble

Unveiling the new album: follow us on october 15th, 2021, we'll release proud and brave, and we're pretty excited to announce that we just signed with Triggah Records.

Our music

More than 100 years of contemporary music must have hit anybody on this planet.

And yes it did!

We are influenced from barely anything that has been produced till now.

And we bring things togheter that on the first sight do not match.

Americana, punk, rock 'n roll, country, rockabilly, blues, ...

That's what we call: #MaximumCountryPunk

The research never stops. Everything is possible.

Our shows

Maximum energy from the first note to the last!

We engage our audience into a musical journey no matter whether we render an acoustic or a fully electrified set, exploring the most diverse styles and genres.

Fully dynamic and power, from country ballads to rockabilly to furious punk tunes.

On the stage the most important things are the energy of the show and the contact with the audience.
Matteo Villa

Writes and composes music inspired by the words of Curt Cobain:

"Punk is musical freedom.  It’s saying, doing and playing what you want".

Mixing and meshing up different influences and styles.

Started playing guitar at the age of 13, his journey never stops, thus expanding his experience to the most different styles.

Still rockin' after all these years
Rolf W. Becker

Always drums, never vocals.

Started playing drums at the age of 14, have a long experience in live and studio.

Covers the most different styles, like blues, jazz, gothrock, punk, britpop and country.

Gives the driving fundamental rhythm to #MaximumCountryPunk.